Who we are.

KabulRiver.com is a website facilitating business, organizations and investors in Afghanistan and abroad, through its internet website and social media activities.
The primary goal is to attract, develop, support and promote local and international businesses in Afghanistan and around the world.


KabulRiver.com allows businesses and organizations to build relationships and expand their reach into various marketplaces through internet and social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google.


In simple terms, KabulRiver.com helps:

  • international companies interested in investing and doing business in Afghanistan to find business partners and communicate;
  • improving and strengthening business relationships and trade among Afghan owned businesses and foreign investors;
  • engaging in efforts to promote the ideals of a free market economy in Afghanistan;
  • providing platform for individuals and organizations conducting humanitarian endeavors within and outside Afghanistan;
  • Afghan businesses promote their activity on internet and increase their visibility for potential customers and investors;
  • enourage an investment climate to be beneficial for local and foreign investors;
  • encourage cooperation among private businesses and non-governmental organizations to improve the economic development of the Afghan community and business.
KabulRiver.com is independent commercial website and do not have ties to any organization, government or political party.

KabulRiver is registered in Europe.
This website is hosted on servers in Europe.


KabulRiver.com - engaged in development of Afghanistan